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Our expertise

World-class manufacturing and assembly

At Stainless Design, our commitment extends from idea to fully assembled product.

Our designers are much of the driving force behind the realisation of our unique stainless steel projects. We specialise in turning ambitious ideas into reality. We carefully plan and execute every aspect of the construction process using advanced techniques and modern technology. From drawings to on-site execution, we maintain a commitment to accuracy and efficiency. For us, it's not just about construction but creating timeless masterpieces.

Project planning
In the design phase, we work closely with our clients to encourage an environment of problem solving and integration of ideas to ensure a world-class delivery. Design is key to delivering a cost-effective and successful realisation of the client's order.

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Manufacturing with precision
At Stainless Design we use the latest technology to maintain guaranteed precision and quality of our products. In Eskilstuna you will find our workshop where the manufacturing of our unique products takes place. We are proud of our outstanding craftsmanship, our innovative solutions and ideas. With us, stainless steel pools are created not only through manufacturing, but through carefully designed works of art where craftsmanship, technology and innovation meet. We use our machinery equipped with a 200 tonne 4m press brake and a 4m shear to ensure that we can deliver first class results to our customers.

We install pools and tanks all over the world! Our installation process is as careful and thoughtful as our manufacturing phase. Our installers handle the assembly of your stainless steel pool with care and precision, ensuring a world-class product.

Customised solutions
From manufacturing to assembly, we offer customised solutions to suit each customer's specific needs. With our expertise, we make it possible to create a product that is perfect for you and customise our delivery to achieve your needs and preferences.

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